OUR basic entrepreneurial actions

Our hotel in the heart of the Altmühltal offers its guests a unique experience characterized by the combination of tradition and modern facilities. We attach particular importance to ensuring that everyone feels welcome and comfortable with us.

Through our commitment to sustainability in all areas of the business, we can contribute to maintaining an intact environment and at the same time safeguard the beauty of the region and the Kindinger town center for future generations. Our extensive sustainability efforts range from using energy-saving technologies to supporting local and regional communities.

Our goal is to offer every guest an unforgettable stay and to make them feel warmly welcome in our hotel. Thanks to the excellent location in the Altmühltal, we can offer our guests a diverse environment in which they can relax and enjoy nature to the fullest.

We strive to create a work environment where our team feels nurtured and always supported. We support personal and professional development and create a climate in which everyone can feel part of our community.

Our mission statement is to run a hotel that leaves a lasting impression on everyone who gets to know us through its naturalness, sustainability and roots in tradition. We are proud of what we have achieved and work every day to become even better.

Experience for yourself the unique combination of tradition, modernity, sustainability and naturalness that make up the heart of our hotel.

This is where our slogan comes from: naturally traditional.

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